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Recruitment Based On Values

Take our complimentary Sales Career Value Assessment ($97 value).  It will allow us to present sales opportunities  based upon what is important to you, rather than presenting sales roles based upon the assumption of what we think is important to you.

Our Process Allows Us To Serve You Better

Unless your company has a well staffed talent acquisition department, it will be very difficult for you to have a pipeline of sales and candidates to interview on an ongoing basis. You realize that you should never stop interviewing candidates, but the internal recruiters only react to head count openings. You only interview when someone leaves!

We specialize in the exploratory meetings between leaders, individual contributors, and high level performers.

      • Save the time and headache and let us connect you with sales prospects to interview.
      • Improve the team’s overall performance by replacing low sales performers and cultural mis-fits, before you lose more money from your investment.
      • Executives are open to expanding their networks and understanding their value. Learn what is happening in the market place from those succeeding.
      • Most top performers won’t answer their phone. We’ll tell you upfront if they gave us 5 minutes (A Player) or 45 minutes (B Player). We only set you up with people worth your time.
      • Long term business relationships and help when it’s really needed. We’re not order takers, we’re partners. If we are working with you, then we truly care about you, your goals, and your business success.
      • Talent Acquisition branded message. We take stories into the market, increasing your profile as a sales leader.

Alexander Laurin

Executive Recruiter

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