I called a prospect the other day and I was very drawn to the individual’s voice. He was a VP of Sales who always seemed to picked up his phone. Twice there was a reason that he could not talk on the phone with me. I had to fight my judgement from my experience of calling on people who don’t want to talk to me or hear my ‘pitch’ (even though they answered and said hello). I must still assume that people are being honest, even if they are not.

He gave me a time to call back, and when I did, he did not pick up. I left a voice message and told him that I will send him a calendar invite. I did so, and shortly after it was declined. So, of course, I sent another one at a different time. My phone rang next, and it was him. Rejoice!

This made me happy, of course. Not so much that a VP of Sales and potential client was calling me, but because it was this individual with the kind, gentle, and successful voice.

After my brief pitch, he gave me the reality of internal buying policies, something that I was not going to overcome (as he was not the CEO), but I kept him on the phone anyways and tried my best to get to know him. Honestly, I just wanted to keep hearing his voice and find out who was behind it. I won’t go into any details, but I will share a word that he repeatedly used during our time together – BLESSED.

This gentleman was breaking the character of the VP of Sales that I was accustomed to talking too. Forgive me for my generalizations, but VP’s have been short, very direct in their business, and don’t often shy from their annoyance of my bad timing. ‘Kind’ and ‘available’ to someone cold calling is not something that I was accustomed to, which I always found very strange considering that they have spent a big portion of their career cold calling as I do, but I somewhat understand as I know the market is saturated by what I am selling and they’re always getting called.

Blessed for me means that I am here. So many have not been so fortunate to have what I have. If I just stick with the theme of business, I have a position with a great company and I have a career where I can serve and help people with their goals in the business world. I have my health. I have income today. I can communicate and still have the capacity to learn and grow. I am blessed. I do not take my life for granted. I have the capacity to love.

Did the VP of Sales have all this? I’d say so, and more. He didn’t give me a list, but I got the jist. He was blessed in action. Blessed is a part of his vocabulary and a part of his life.

My industry is an industry filled with negativities in the form of the word – NO. How often do we hear the word NO in our day? When we get the YES, we’re ecstatic.

When you are at your desk, and things might not be going so well, try adopted a Blessed in Action strategy. All you have to do is think and focus on how blessed you are in between calls and hopefully, eventually, you’ll just absorb being blessed in action. I have done this a few times in life and I highly recommend starting a gratitude journal if you are particularly emotionally down, filled with doubt, or experiencing self doubt. Every day, write 3-5 things that you are grateful for. Write something new every day. It’s extremely easy if you think about it. Today, for example, I am grateful for my energy. I am grateful for the office and activities that keep me busy. I am grateful for reward coffee cards so that I may be treated to a free beverage. You see, easy.

I love this Blessed in Action. Go ahead and try to figure out who is like this when you get someone on the phone. Just imagine it all the while trying to be it.

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