Recruiter + Coach in 1

Let's Find You A New Job!

If you are working with a Head Hunter, they have the same goal – get you the job, but they also want to earn their commission and ensure repeat business with their client.  Recruiters typically represent at least 3 candidates per role, which means that you are competing against the other two.  It’s not an exclusive arrangement.

  • Coaching Sessions, goal setting, and accountability.
  • Resume and LinkedIn profile review.
  • Job Search Goal setting.
  • Mock interviews and preparation.
  • After interview debriefs.
  • Marketing YOU to companies .
  • Assistance with job leads & filing your job search pipeline.

Work with your own personal head hunter who will become part of your career team and who’s only ulterior motive is to help you succeed.



Career Coaching

The Career Transition Catch program is designed with the following in mind:

  • CERTAINTY in your Career Direction.
  • A Predictable Path Toward Career ADVANCEMENT.
  • Full use of your TALENT and Skills.
  • A CHECKED-IN Mentality While at the Office.
  •  HEALTHY State of Mind and Body.

We’ll identify what’s been motivating your career choices, we’ll bring to life and honour the things about the work that you love, and we’ll dig deep into your values and see how they align with employers and the corporate culture.

During the program we will work on stress reduction strategies and help you get (or stay) healthy during your transitions, along with building confidence for peak performance, and overcoming any obstacles. You will be on the right path that aligns with your life’s purpose and your career goals. 


Sales Life Coaching

Life Coaching can help you in multiple ways:

  • Achieve Your Goals, Dreams, and Desires.
  • Get out of a Rut.
  • Change your Life – FASTER with a Coach on your Support Team.
  • Work through a Life Transition.
  • Work on Stress reduction and Find Happiness.

Coaching is not about advice, but I never hold back valuable insights that will help my clients.

I encouragemotivate and support. If you can dream and imagine a life that you want, then it’s possible. 

Alexander Laurin

Executive Recruiter