Have you seen the people around you go through the motions?  If you are one of these people, and you have a sales career, you’re in big trouble.  Luckily, no one ever needs to go through the motions and they can change their mind anytime once they make the decision to go for something, rather than nothing.

A rep I used to know well, Paul, use to come into work every day, say the same thing and do the same thing every day.  He’d put his feet up on his desk and make the phone calls he needed to make. Was he successful? Not as nearly as he could have been.  He barely squeaked by. Sooner or later, he was let go by poor performance and found himself on the unemployment line. Here was a young guy, with sales savvy and a talented skill set, and he suddenly he had no job.  

Going through the motions, going to his job, and coasting was his downfall – until he turned it around.

Determined not to be in this scenario again, he joined another company and found himself surrounded by successful sales reps.  The team had a profound effect on him and his ‘putting his feet on the desk’ days were a thing of the past. He decided to become the best at this craft, so much so, he wanted to become an entrepreneur and run his own company one day.  Every day, he worked hard, and kept his big goal in mind. Every day counted toward achieving what he wanted to achieve. He had focus. All time spent mattered to him.

Incredibly, with a year, he resigned from his company and took the plunge toward self employment and entrepreneurship.  That was 10 years ago. He sold the company that he created and currently lives in semi-retirement. He’s not yet 50.

Life is a waste if you just live to count and watch your days.  Sure, you might have blessings, and take stock in those blessings, but having no big goal to attain means that you are sitting on the fence watching things grow around you.  You grow too, but you can utilize your imagination and creativity as a tool to grow an idea, that you have, that will greatly enhance your life experience.

Take action now.  Focus not only on a quota if you have one, but how you can be significant in life.  What can you build for yourself, your family, or your community? The sales life can be filled with excitement.  Going through the motions is a total waste of your precious time. Like Paul did, turn it around if you need to, get focused on something meaningful, and start moving toward it with intention.  Keep this present in your mind, as much as possible, every day.

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