I met Caroline at a meetup a few months ago.  She was a delight to talk and someone that I could bypassed small talk quickly with.  She was humorous, very intelligent, and someone that I hoped to meet again. I remembered being so impressed with her communication skills and her desire to get to know me better that I thought that she must have a high ranking position in her industry.  To my surprise, this was not the case.

“I’m a business development representative at local company x”, she told me.  I found this hard to believe, after all, I had been recruiting sales people for over 10 years.  Literally, I have spoken with thousands of sales professionals and I believe that I had a keen sense on who was great and who was not.  Caroline certainly seemed to fit into that great status.

She had only been in sales for a year, hence the BDR role.  Prior to sales she had focused on art and retail positions that didn’t require a lot of her energy.   She seemed to be an outlier.

I asked Caroline why she waited so long to get into sales.  She was clearly meant to do this kind of work. Caroline wasn’t ready to devote herself.  She told me that she worked on other things like education, travel, life experiences, self-help related themes, spirituality, and raising children.  Career was never a priority.

She went on to explain that she was somewhat foolish.  She wanted to be successful in life, and she felt that she was, but it finally dawned on her that something was missing – work!  Caroline told me that even though she is highly competent in several areas of her life, successful if you will, work is something that she needs to be successful in too for her to self actualize further.

Unless you are born into wealth, you have to earn a living.  You can feel like a millionaire when you don’t have a great job if you focus on living the right way, but at some point in time, you need to role up your selves and master the business world too.  With that in mind, Caroline decided to pursue sales and eventually work on her own business when the time is right.

Work is a part of life.  Work is not separate from life.  If you try to make it separate, you’re probably not nearly as happy as you can be.

When you go about your day, set the intention to master what you do.  The sales profession is perfect for people who want to grow and develop personally.  Success is rewarded with wealth which promotes lifestyle enhancement which adds to that layer of living a great life.

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