The energy to be a great sales professional

I went years thinking that my family and children affected my energy.

“Of course they do!” you may say to yourself, but I no longer carry this belief.

Have you been like me in the past, where you’d get home from a busy day at work, and then have your personal free and/or family time being totally wiped out? You have kids, and they are high energy, and they suck the remaining energy out of you. Sound familiar? Do you know people like this too?

I realized not too long ago that I pointed a finger at other people for my energy levels. Sure, I blamed coffee and sugar from time to time, but it was mostly the fault of my home, household duties, and children.

Since really focusing myself on the art and science of sales, I have found that optimism is a great source of generating energy. While that happened, I stumbled into ‘diet’ and a method of eating. I started off with calorie counting to get my weight down, and then found myself on this very trendy keto diet. These lifestyle tweaks have greatly enhanced my confidence which has corresponded positively with my energy levels.

Now, I return home, without taking a sugar crash with me and I project health while I practicing food rules (ie, I will eat this, but not that). I am in sales so I am positive and optimistic.  When you figure it out, it’s an amazing lifestyle.

The first 10 lbs I lost was equivalent to a large watermelon. If you are carrying around extra watermelons all day, get rid of them. Find a method of eating and project being a member of the greatest profession on earth. This will fill you up with all of the energy you need to be successful.

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