Search & Process

Networking & Relationships

Our recruiting process is conducted through research, networking, and relationships. We do not recruit the active 15% of the talent pool. We contact happy employees who are not actively looking, but open to landing their dream job. These candidates are unreachable except through a surgical recruiting approach, professional relationship building, value, and trust. 

Core Talent Acquisition Competencies

Define & Brand

First we determine how you define a successful sales professional. Next we uncover your talent branding message and prepare to take it to the marketplace. Will you opportunity attract the top 10%? We help you find out.

Search Strategy

We don't approach sales talent acquisition as a race. We carefully and methodically comb through our database, company records, and industry insight to determine the best plan of action.


Within 7 days, out clients see the top talent. Candidates and clients are matched through performance and culture. Career path and training and development matching is also key for long term tenure.

The Executive Recruitment Process

Due Diligence Up Front

1. Obtain complete job order including how we can attract candidates from client’s top competition.

2. Obtain profile of ideal candidates.

3. Obtain information that allows us to act as an extension of the client, the company’s culture, the environment, and the client company itself.

Sourcing Program

4. Conduct research of marketplace. Develops an accurate list of the highest potential source companies. Determine additional companies that employ candidates with desirable skill sets.

5. Review and revise this list with client.

6. Cross reference companies with current candidates, databases, and other resources.

7. Commence direct recruiting program.

Determine Sustainability

8. In-depth telephone interview with candidates to determine if they possess the appropriate background, their willingness to change for the right opportunity, and if opportunity aligns with their career aspirations.

9. Face-to-face interviews or video teleconferencing for qualified candidates.

10. Submit resumes, candidate profiles, and line item qualifications of short listed qualified candidates to the client. Discuss results of in-depth candidate interviews, if desired.

$ 0 M
Quota From Our Placements in the First Year

Act as a Liaison

11. Arrange first face-to-face or telephone interviews with the client.

12. Prepare candidate for first interview.

13. Prepare client for first interview including the references of the candidate’s system of values.

14. Debrief candidate completely and commence preparation for the next steps.

15. Debrief client and determine how on target we were. Professionally release any candidate the client does not wish to pursue.

16. Provide the results of references of the candidates still in the process.

17. Arrange second interviews and discuss concerns.

18. Continue debriefing candidate and client.

19. Verify candidate’s earning history

Successful Placement

20. If desired, transmit verbal offer to candidate and relay acceptance of offer to client.

21. Verify earnings and negotiate package to be offered to ensure satisfaction on both parts.

22. Consult with candidate around resignation, reasonable notice, and counter-offer.

23. Confirm start date. Candidate will confirm in writing.

24. Remain in contact with candidate and client to ensure seamless transition through start date and initial phase of employment.

25. Verify with client that project was successfully completed.

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