I’ve learned some amazing things and picked up some really great habits in the past year, most of which point toward, starting your day off right, and setting yourself up for success.

These ideas that I have implemented are not my own, but came to me from Brendon Bouchard, the High Performance Coach.  I picked up his book, “High Performance Habits”, listened to many of his videos, and have implemented many of his techniques.  I’ll share and categorize 3 for you now.

Energy:  Every successful sales person knows that you need to have high performance energy levels.  You can get this by feeding your mind positively throughout the day, but also treating your body well.  

Eating well, we all know.  Exercising well, we all know too.  This is a case of really doing what we already know.  

Wake up early every morning and working out might be the very best thing you can do to set yourself up positively.  I have alternated between going to the gym and using my home gym. 40 minutes a day I think is all you need. I like to do ‘vanity weights’.  I’m not a bodybuilder, but if I work on my chest, I get pumped up. When my chest feels like it’s sticking out, I tend to be much more confident.

Intention:  Setting your daily intention means that you are thinking about the person that you want to be today, and how you want to treat others.  According to Brendon, high performers do this all day long. This is a great way to set up your mind in the morning and takes you off of autopilot.  Take whatever time you need, think about your goals, and who you have to be to accomplish those goals. If you want to over-achieve, then most likely, you have to be persistent, be someone who avoids distractions, and have a high level of focus and clarity.  Write that out in the AM. Imagine it in your minds eye. Then be it when you go out into the world.

Planning:  This is something that I just started and it’s a beautiful way to start your official work day.  Brandon teaches about a one day planning sheet in his courses from his HBX Institute. You take a look at your major projects and plan out the 5 steps to complete your projects.  You can break down your big deals into projects, with step #5 being Close the Deal, or whatever works for you. This has taken me some time to grasp, but for me, a project is a client that I am working for, and fulfilling their talent acquisition needs.  The 5 steps are the things I need to do to close the deal or end the project. I think this can and will change every day, but it is a good way to get your priorities in order and keep yourself focused.

In addition to projects, you make a list of people that you need to reach out to and those who you are waiting for.  Brendon will tell you to only check your email twice a day. Know the people that you need to connect with, and connect with this asap.  He says that when you are stuck in your inbox all day, you are a slave to other people’s agenda. He calls the inbox a ‘drip campaign’ from everyone else that you are trapped in.  It’s excellent advice.

Finally, in planning, list your day’s priorities and to-do lists.  Keep this sheet of paper that outlines your projects, people, priorities, and to-do’s right by your desk.  The planning exercise alone takes less than 20 minutes of time and it really gets you to think, and again, not be on autopilot.

These teachings are very powerful and it’s really an effective way to live and make the most out of your day and life.  In sales, you absolutely need to be at your best and be on top of everything. Of course, I recommend Brandon’s teaching, but without them, carefully consider how you are starting your day.  How do you feel when you start, and how do you feel when you end? No matter what, there is always room for improvement, and really, that is a great way to live.

Live to achieve, strive, and self actualize.  Being alive, and in sales, is a gift and a blessing.  You might as well do it right.


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