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Spiritual in Sales

Within the past five years, I spent 2 six month periods working in palliative care.  When I kept spirituality front and centre, this was easy work to do. I remember a period of time when I was not spiritually prepared for this work.  Having recognized it, I started to listen to Buddhist audio books, which became an immediate and immense help.  Buddhism, in a nutshell, can help relieve your pain and suffering. Watching people die can…

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Blessed In Action

I called a prospect the other day and I was very drawn to the individual’s voice. He was a VP of Sales who always seemed to picked up his phone. Twice there was a reason that he could not talk on the phone with me. I had to fight my judgement from my experience of calling on people who don’t want to talk to me or hear my ‘pitch’ (even though they answered and said hello). …

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