John Schools returned to a selling position after a few years of a risky venture that didn’t pan out. When he returned to the sales job he had before, he felt that the experience of his past could help him be a better sales professional than before. As he changed over the years, so did the buyers, the tools, and the sales weapons.


Getting a new sales role in business development was not too difficult, but when it came to prospecting and hunting for new clients, it was more difficult than ever. John did not have any mentor ship, coaching, or support. His new role was not set up that way. He had to take 100% responsibility.


One thing he did have was a friend in sales, and when the going was tough and painful, he set up a call with his friend Mike.


‘You have to have faith that your actions will produce results. Have trust and faith in your actions’, were the words that resonated to John during the 10 minute call. It was a simple reminder about karma and planting seeds. Plant enough, and many will eventually bare fruit. This was knowledge that he already new, but his sales friend Mike, gave him a short pep talk that served as a major reminder.


John returned to his desk and repeated these words to himself. He quickly reviewed his daily and weekly phone and email statistics and assured himself not to hold himself with unhealthy pressure, but rather turn to an optimistic mindset that something will come soon.


When you are in a slump and your mind is in a cycle of pessimism and doubt, find someone to talk to who knows more than you do. Think about all of the people you can call to help you during times like this and pick up the phone. Think about them in advance and try to do something for them first, care about them, and ask what they need before asking what they can do for you.


Thinking about this simple strategy to help you overcome moments of hardship and doubt will refocus your negative self talk to a optimistic activity where you can be building wealth and revenue, and achieve your goals.